Staroselsky, Reidman / СТАРОСЕЛЬСКИЙ, РЕЙДМАН

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Staroselsky, Reidman / СТАРОСЕЛЬСКИЙ, РЕЙДМАН

#21 Сообщение mikev » 03 дек 2017, 18:39

"Starosel'ski" is likely not a monogenetic family and sufficiently common so that trying to figure out all of them would lead to huge amount of work. Most of the rosgenea records seem to refer to non-Jews, almost certainly unrelated totally.

I think you need to concentrate only on Starosel'ski's with the "right" geography... try to find records in Ekaterinoslav and see where they came from.

(And if the source happens to be Eastern Belorus / South of Smolensk gubernia, I have a tree of them there --- came from a very old lady who is a descendent of Staroselskis and Etingens )



shows Starselski, Men Ilyich in Ekatirinoslav 1912. This may be "yours". (Men is possibly "Mendel")

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Staroselsky, Reidman / СТАРОСЕЛЬСКИЙ, РЕЙДМАН

#22 Сообщение MOCKBA » 03 дек 2017, 18:44

myustara писал(а): I also found this on internet about the Staroselsky
In Russian so I rely only on Google Translator... ... 1%EA%E8%E9
the surname is more common among ethnic Slavs than among the Ashkenazim, so nonspecific searches just yield lots of Russians...
Гоникберг (Могилев-Подольский, Ушицкий уезд, и повсюду), Прусс, Черницкий(Городок Витебской), Пальман (Витебск), Богин, Рудерман (Минск), Лапицкий (Копысь, Киев)

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Staroselsky, Reidman / СТАРОСЕЛЬСКИЙ, РЕЙДМАН

#23 Сообщение aarnet » 17 фев 2019, 20:47

возможно это чем то поможет:
Украина, Одесса, перепись населения 1897 г. Ф. 2, о. 8, д. 1315-1322 лист 232
ул. Михайловская 24 кв. 2
Рейтман Абрам Веьямин Мородохович 60 лет Волынская губ. Овручский уезд Вязовка перевозчик мебели
Рейтман Ривка Меировна 56 лет
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Staroselsky, Reidman / СТАРОСЕЛЬСКИЙ, РЕЙДМАН

#24 Сообщение unicohn » 18 фев 2019, 01:14

momteller писал(а): Maische Staroselsky, was born in Naroditch (Narodici) , Ukraine. 1893? He then came to Chicago with his brother and sister.
Consider posting more info here, it may help your cause. Perhaps post the text of this obituary you're referring to, etc. What is known about his siblings, about their parents? Some Maische Staroselsky, who looks very much like your grandfather as described (5'7", black hair, dark eyes, clerk) came through Ellis Island on his way to Chicago in 1910, arriving on Lituania. But it looks like he came alone, and he is listed as b. 1887. Who were Abram Staroselsky, and M. Sheffner, his cousin? There was another namesake, not as close, b. 1897.


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