LIBMAN, BRUMBERG / ЛИБМАН, БРУМБЕРГ (Красилов, Кузьмин, Волочиск)

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LIBMAN, BRUMBERG / ЛИБМАН, БРУМБЕРГ (Красилов, Кузьмин, Волочиск)

#1 Сообщение arnonh » 18 май 2012, 00:09

Hello, Dear Genealogy Colleagues!

First, I'm sorry to include two surnames on the same message, it's just because they belong to the same couple, my knowledge of the LIBMAN family is realy sparse, and I have no idea which of these families was originally from which area.

Israel LIBMAN and Miriam nee BRUMBERG were the parents of the following:
* Haya (b. 1892, married Itzchak BARON; her family perished the Holocaust);
* Yaacov (b. 1894);
* Abraham (b. 1898);
* Mordechai (b. 1903, my maternal grandfather);
* Dov (b. 1908)
Based on the childrens' birth dates, I can assume that Israe and Miriam were born in the 1860s/1870s. All of their sons immigrated to Israel, lived there and died there. Israel and Miriam, as well as Haya, stayed in the Ukraine.

Based on letters sent by Israel and Miriam during the 1920s/1930s to Miriam's siblings in the States, we know that they were living then in Kuzmin or Krasilov (Khmel'nyts'ka oblast, just south-west to Starokostiantyniv).

However, my grandfather had told me that the family originally arrived from Volochisk (west from there, today in Khmel'nyts'ka oblast, on the border with Termopil's'ka oblast) after they were expelled from there during WWI. If this is indeed true, it means that Israel and Miriam were living in Volochisk as a married couple, but as most of the BRUMBERGs were living in Kuzmin/Krasilov area in the late 19th century - it might be that the BRUMBERGs are originally from there while the LIBMANs are originally from Volochisk. Again, it's just a speculation, and this is why thi smessage is about both the families.

I have Miriam's parents as Baruch Zvi and Feige (the names appear on tombstones and documents found in the USA), and their other children (that is, Miriam's siblings) were:
* Shimeon (b. 1875);
* Libe (b. ~1884);
* Ethel Zlate (Yetta) (b. 1885);
* Abraham (b. ~1885);
* Itta-Leah (b. unkown, married LANGLEIBEN.
Besides Itta-Leah, all of these children immigrated to the USA; Itta-Leah's family is still a mystery.

I'm looking for more info about Israel LIBMAN's family, as well as about Baruch Zvi and Feige BRUMBERG family. Any help in getting more info about them would be much appreciated.

Arnon Hershkovitz
Shrewsbury, MA

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Re: ЛИБМАН, БРУМБЕРГ (from Krasilov, Kuzmin, Volochisk)

#2 Сообщение Дмитрий Широчин » 18 май 2012, 01:00

Похоже, имеется в виду Кузьмин и Красилов Староконстантиновского уезда Волынской губернии. Раз так, то я бы писал запросы в два архива: ДАХмО (Хмельницкий) и ДАЖО (Житомир).
"Мои": Гойхман (Рашков), Марголис (Двинск, Вильна), Устрайх (Витебская губерния), Тейтельбаум (Полоцк), Рапопорт (Лепельский уезд, Двинск), Кельман (Кишинев)

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Re: ЛИБМАН, БРУМБЕРГ (from Krasilov, Kuzmin, Volochisk)

#3 Сообщение Файнгольд Татьяна » 18 май 2012, 13:57

Уважаемый arnonh!
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