Goldstein (Lithuania/Russia) / ГОЛЬДШТЕЙН (Литва/Россия)

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Goldstein (Lithuania/Russia) / ГОЛЬДШТЕЙН (Литва/Россия)

#1 Сообщение coachrickvb » 17 июл 2018, 07:41

Hi - Hope it's ok to post here and also English.

I'm looking for more information on my family tree and I've hit a brickwall. My Jewish ethnicity has been tracked to Lithuania/Russia. The descendants names are Joseph Goldstein (very common, I know) and Hannah Pealman. All I know is that they were born in Russia and had at least one son, David B Goldstein. He was b. 20 May 1864 in Russia and d. 12 November 1930 was in Alabama.

If it helps, David married a Sarah E Heller and 2 of their children were both born in Russia before they immigrated to the United States. Their names are Estra (or Esther) Gertrude Goldstein (1886) and Jake Goldstein (1890). Jake was possibly born in Moscow.

Please let me know if you are able to help or if you know of a database or something that I can search. Thank you!

Ищу информацию о предках из Литвы/России. Иосиф Гольдштейн и Анна Фельман. У них был по крайней мере один сын Давид Гольдштейн (20 мая 1864, Россия - 12 ноября 1930, Алабама)
Жена Давида - Сара Геллер. Двое их детей Эстер-Гертруда(1886) и Джек (1890) родились в России, а после эмигрировали в Америку. Джек, возможно, родился в Москве.

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Goldstein / ГОЛЬДШТЕЙН

#2 Сообщение anno_nin » 17 июл 2018, 09:58

Can You provide more information about the places in Russia? Have You ship protocol, or other documents, where the relatives or more exact place can be mentioned? Maybe other person defined David as a relative in the USA in the ship protocol?
Maybe You can find any document in Russian, Hebrew? Marriage certificate, Ketuba?
Why You decided, that Jake was born in Moscow? It was a bit problematic for Jews to live in Moscow in 1890.
Do You know David profession?
Do they came to the USA together, or David came first and then his wife joined him with a children?

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Goldstein (Lithuania/Russia) / ГОЛЬДШТЕЙН (Литва/Россия)

#3 Сообщение oztech » 17 июл 2018, 12:25

coachrickvb писал(а): Goldstein (very common, I know)
Обстоятельства вынуждают добавить географическую привязку к заголовку, может, временную, а то на эту фамилию уже почти десяток фамильных тем на форуме.

Forcedly I have to add geo-reference to the header, maybe temporary, there is already almost a dozen topics of above mentioned surname on the forum.


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