My Jewish Ancestry: Subforum rules

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My Jewish Ancestry: Subforum rules

#1 Сообщение Женя Вайнштейн » 03 мар 2011, 02:51

This forum was organized by a group of voluntary genealogists. We can help you with the valuable advice how and where to find the information about your Jewish roots in the territory of the former USSR. Our experts are fluent in Russian. We experienced in dealing with archives in various parts of the former USSR. Please understand that we will not conduct research for you. We may be able to suggest further steps to be taken or may suggest a particular archive to be contacted or fund that may be of interest. In many cases, distant relatives have been able to locate each other via our forum because one of them posted information about a common ancestor. On the Jewish Roots Forum, we will be happy to help you join their ranks, in spite of potential language barriers. Below, you will find an abridged version of the forum’s rules, as well as rules applicable only to this specific subform.

1. Be sure your desired surname has not already been discussed by going to:
1.1. the Table of Family Names, an alphabetical index being researched by forum members
1.2. Download the table of family names (2 files attached on the bottom of the post) and try to find another researches, looking for the same family names;
1.3. Try to find the family name of interest using Find button. Enter the surname of your choice (try different variants in Russian and in English) in the search box. Click “search” at the bottom of the page.

2. If You have a question - leave it in the Thread for questions and answers in English

3. If You want to post a question in the other part of the forum - please add the "!" request to moderator with "Translation required" description. Don't forget to click checkbox near “Notify me when a reply”, at the bottom of the page before pressing the "Send" button.

4. If You decided to create the new topic:
Go the the page My Russian Jewish Ancestry,
Click “New Topic” (top left side). Enter the title, which must include the desired surname in singular form and, possibly, the place of origin. Post your personal family theme in the large box, summarizing all relevant information about a particular branch of your family. Relevant events are those that have left traces in archives and other similar resources—eg. date and place of birth, date and place of marriage, where/when attended schools and institutes, military service, where paid taxes, where and when immigrated to, where emigrated from, places of residency, names of children, parents, and other relatives, and any other information that you believe is important, etc.
Click checkbox near “Notify me when a reply”, at the bottom of the page.
Then press "Send".
Your first message in this theme is the beginning of the dialog. Generally experts ask several questions to understand the content and the aim of research. Please, answer all the questions. The future activity of your theme depends on your answers .

5. The language of the forum is Russian. However, in "My Russian Jewish Ancestry", posts are permitted in English without prior translation to Russian. The essential parts of your posts will eventually be translated into Russian by volunteers. Meaningful responses will be translated from Russian back into English. Use "!" request to moderator with "Translation into Russian required" description if You want your information been translated into Russian, or "Translation into English required" if You cannot understand Google translation.
The answer will be translated into English for your better understanding.

6. Please, do not use various font sizes or colors needlessly. Red is reserved for the moderator’s remarks. Blue is reserved for translations.

7. Information or images quoted from or used from a source other than this forum are to be referenced (eg. title, author) and/or the URL

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My Jewish Ancestry: Subforum rules

#2 Сообщение anno_nin » 20 апр 2016, 13:52

It was a question in the forum, how can the participants support the project.
The project "The Jewish Roots in Russia" was organized by the group of voluntaries on our oun money.
We organized the fund for the forum financial support.
We use the money, ariving to the fund, for current activity support. We are planning also to increase the information in the databases, improve the user interface and other functions.
You can donate by pressing the "Donate!" button on the top og the forum.
The administration reports about the status of account in Our fund
Go to the The monetary and volunteer help to the "Jewish roots" project if You want to participate in our voluntary projects.


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