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Сайт ANCESTRY.COM - бесплатный доступ

#1 Сообщение MYRobinson » 10 май 2011, 05:17 has just made available (with a subscription) Langenstein-Zwieberge Concentration Camp Inmate Cards, 1944-1945. The records are in German, so, if you are interested, you should search using German words and location spellings in the "search" boxes.
According to
( ... _lid=48027)

1. "Information in this database:

Prisoner number
Date of arrival
First and last name
Date of birth
Block/barracks number

2. Information that may be in this database:

Admittances to infirmary (or revier)
Date of death"


3. "Each card contains an abbreviation for nationality. The most common abbreviations are as follows:
Abbreviation Nationality
D German (Deutsch)
R Russian
P Polish
Ts Czech (Tschechisch)
B Belgian
Gr Greek
F French
L Latvian or Lithuanian
N Dutch (Niederländisch)
P Ju Polish Jew"

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1851 Anglo-Jewry Database British Isles

#2 Сообщение MYRobinson » 14 май 2011, 16:33

The final update of this database, which includes about, "90% of the Jewish population living in the British Isles in the mid nineteenth century", is now available, according the the Jewish Genealogical Society of Great Britain (JGSGB). It includes some information from 1750's to 1900's.

Background information:

Database Search:

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DOW Holocaust Database in English or German

#3 Сообщение MYRobinson » 15 май 2011, 16:59

This web site (Dokumentationsarchiv des osterreichischen Widerstandes) contains 2 databases:

1. photos and supplementary information from Gestapo records

2."Registration by Name: Austrian Victims of the Holocaust"

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Manhattan, N.Y. Synagogue List Additions

#4 Сообщение MYRobinson » 16 май 2011, 11:56

In addition to Steven Lasky's already existing Manhattan synagogue list, found at: ... hattan.htm

He has added 170 + " name/locations for
former (some still active) Manhattan synagogues to " Manhattan Synagogues
of New York City" list...many of them are associated with towns that exist in Europe,
though most without many, if any, Jews. The additions were taken from the
New York City 1905-6 City Directory."

There are addresses, some names of presidents, rabbis, some cantors, etc. at the following additions:

Belaya Tserkov
Rava Russkaya

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Kolonja Izaaka: 1853 Supplemental Revision List

#5 Сообщение MYRobinson » 16 май 2011, 12:24

The list was the work of the Heritage Research Project (Belarus). The list is found at shetlinks at JewishGen: ... nders.html

It is stated that, "...(Kolonja Izaaka) was founded in 1849, and
the Revision list reveals that the founding families only moved onto
the colony in 1851. This is a wonderful find; it corroborates and
further explicates many of the details already assembled by Salomon
Salit in his 1934 monograph on Kolonja Izaaka. It also identifies some
founding families who subsequently left the colony and whose names
were not recorded in Salit."
The following last names are included:
Aks (probably Ash or Asz)
Bely (or Bialy)
Ekshtein (Eckstein, Ekszteyn)
Galperin (Halperin, Halpern)
Goldshmidt (Goldshmit)
Goldshtein (Goldstein)
Khinsky (Chinsky)
Knyshevitzky (Knishevitsky)
Trentzyansky/Troichansky (Treszczansky)

Additional information is available at:

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JOWBR:JewishGen's Online Worldwide Burial Registry) database

#6 Сообщение MYRobinson » 14 июл 2011, 20:43

The JOWBR database:

has been updated, adding, "over 120,000 new records and 49,000 new photos.
The database is adding 182 new cemeteries along with updates or additions to
an additional 130 cemeteries from 26 countries. Since last year's
conference, JOWBR has added close to 300,000 records to the database which
brings JOWBR's holdings to 1.7 million records from more than 3,200
cemeteries / cemetery sections from 51 countries! (Although the burial
records are now "live" additional description files, maps and overview
photos for these new cemeteries will be made available shortly.)"

There are additions for:
Poland (Lodz, Szdlowiec); Canada (Vancouver, British Columbia; Ottawa); Romania (Satu Mare--the Orthodox and Staus Quo Ante cemeteries); Ukraine (Czernovitsi); Peru (Lima); Germany; Barbados (the Jewish Burial Grounds); Surinam (the Cassipora Creek Cemetery and the Old Sephardi cemetery); Kenya; Eritrea (the Asmara Jewish Cemetery); US (Mt. Carmel in Philadelphia, PA, San Diego & Oceanside, CA, Columbus/Bellaire, OH, West Virginia, Washington, DC (Arlington National Cemetery), Jewish veterans interred in National cemeteries throughout the US; Youngstown, OH; Nassau and Suffolk counties on Long Island, NY)

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Cherkassy, Cherkassy, Kozeletsk,Glukhov in Russian & English

#7 Сообщение MYRobinson » 15 июл 2011, 16:24

The following websites were listed on the Ukrainian SIG.

1. The Draftee List of 1885 for the Cherkassy Jewish community (Посемейный список призывников Черкасского еврейского общества 1885 г. призыва):

2. 1903-1904 Glukhov District: Lists of Jews in villages (Список евреям проживающих в местечках Глуховского уезда, 1903-1904):

3. 1906 Kozeletsk(Chernigov gubernia): List of illegally settled Jews (Список евреев незаконно поселившихся в сельских местностях Козелецкого уезда (Черниговская губерния), 1906:

The Russian language blog for the original information by an unknown researcher is at:

Only a small amount of information found on the blog refers to Jews.

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Re: Cherkassy, Cherkassy, Kozeletsk,Glukhov in Russian & English

#9 Сообщение Jorge » 23 июл 2011, 20:19

MYRobinson писал(а):3. 1906 Kozeletsk(Chernigov gubernia)
A tiny correction: Kozelets, with no "K" at the end.

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Felix Archives in Antwerp

#10 Сообщение MYRobinson » 30 июл 2011, 01:27

A major change has been made in the design of the website of the Felix Archive in Antwerp. They eliminated the finding guide to their online images of the Immigrant Police index books.

Philip Trauring, the online blogger of "Blood and Frogs: Jewish Genealogy and More", discusses these changes and has developed a "new browseable interface" to the Immigrant Police records images. He offers a link to this new interface on his blog. ( He discusses how to use his interface under the heading, "Instructions".

Philip will be lecturing on this subject, "Utilizing Belgian Archives for Jewish Research", at the upcoming IAJGS International Conference on Jewish Genealogy being held in Washington, DC in August, 2011.

The link to the "Blood and Frogs" blog is:

The article on the topic was posted on "Thursday, July 28, 2011".

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#12 Сообщение MYRobinson » 03 сен 2011, 20:11

"JewishGen ShtetlSeeker" has changed its name to "JewishGen Gazetteer" and JewishGen's "ShtetLinks" has changed its name to "KehilaLinks". See 'Blood and Frogs: Jewish Genealogy and More" for a complete description at:

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Alphabet Index to Odessa Real Estate Directory (1902-1903)

#13 Сообщение MYRobinson » 03 ноя 2011, 17:38

The Alphabetical Index has been added to the Odessa Kehilalink site of JewishGen
It is available in the original Russian language as well as in English translation and in transliteration:
Click on "Research" --this will bring a drop down box
Click on "Resources"
Then, click on "go here" , under Odessa Real State Directory 1902-1903 (Index), which will bring you to:

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#14 Сообщение MYRobinson » 15 дек 2011, 18:35

The JOWBR database can be accessed at:
New additions, including photographs, were announced today for Jewish cemeteries worldwide:

Brno & Ivanèice, Czech Republic (, Ontario, Canada (including Dawes Road Cemetery), Albany, NY, Petach Tikvah/Segulah and Savyon, Israel, Czernovitsi, Ukraine, Balassagyarmat, Hungary, Tiraspol, Moldova, Mexico City, Mexico, Wroclaw, Poland, Soroca, Moldova, Rhodes, Greece, Suriname, Bolivia,
Haiti, Kazakhstan, Malta, Mexico, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Russia, Slovenia,
Sudan, Tanzania and Zambia.

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Uzupis:Zaretsher-bes-eylem Jewish Cemetery

#15 Сообщение MYRobinson » 16 дек 2011, 19:20

There is a recent article found on the site, Defending, about the Uzupis cemetery entitled, "Old Stones Speak to Young Pupils: Jewish Gravestones in the Walls of a Vilnius School Yard". It is found at:

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Podwoloczyska Society

#16 Сообщение MYRobinson » 17 фев 2012, 17:25

A member of Gesher Galicia SIG, Stan Glickstein, posted that he recently published a short book, "Beyond the Road". The book has photographs of tombstones in the Podwoloczyska Society section of the Beth David Cemetery in Elmont, New York. It also discusses the society and has a copy of its constitution. It also includes a layout of those members who are bured at Beth David Cemetery, in the Society's section.

The book can be downloaded from for a charge of $0.99. Glickstein said that you need to search for "Glickstein" when opening the website.

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Joint Distribution Committee (JDC) Online with 500,000+ Name

#17 Сообщение MYRobinson » 04 мар 2012, 21:31

Names Index is at: [url]] The names are from"...a series of files which document the JDC's programs worldwide. For every name in the database, they have a scanned version of the original document which you can view online..." Two large files include the "Jewish Displaced Persons and Refugee Cards, 1943-1959" (refugees emigrating on transatlantic ships--about 8,220 individuals); and the "Transmigration Bureau" "...a collection of registration cards of Jewish survivors who registered with Emigration Department of JDC..." and emigrated to other countries except for Israel. (About 51,554 people in Munich and 25,374 in Vienna)

Photo Galleries is at:"contains photographs for all the countries where JDC operated when helping Jewish refugees..." flee from the Nazis.

In addition, there are smaller lists which include: "Aid to Rabbis in the Russian Empire & Palestine (1916), CARE Packages to Displaced Persons, Camp I (1946-48), Beneficiaries of Free Parcel Service in the Soviet Union (1943-45), Ezras Torah Fund (1948), Shanghai Refugee Client List (1950), Jewish Refugees in Italy receiving aid (1946), Polish Jewish Repatriates after WWII (1948), Rabbinical Students in Shanghai II (1947), Refugees in Zbaszyn Poland, (1938-39), Vilna Refugees (1940), Shanghai Clients registering for emigration to Canada (1948)"

Further information about this can be found in the blog, "Blood and Frogs" by Philip Trauring, at: [url]

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Odessa: Last Graduating Class of Jewish School #83

#18 Сообщение MYRobinson » 07 мар 2012, 16:21

The above article by Alex Gliksberg can be found in the Education Section of kehilalinks (Jewishgen) at: It includes a photograph of the students and their names, 1929-1936.

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1926-1940: Kapciamiestis (Kopcheve) Jewish Youth Association

#19 Сообщение MYRobinson » 16 мар 2012, 16:10

The information was posted on LitvakSig Digest on 14/3/2012 by Carol Hoffman.

The full text of about 60 pages is available online in pdf format at: on the Kapciamiestis site. It includes scans of original handwritten and typed correspondance (in Lithuanian) with English translations; and includes: member names, photographs, dates, jobs, etc.

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Re: 1926-1940: Kapciamiestis (Kopcheve) Jewish Youth Association

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